Thursday, 24 December 2015

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Graphic designs for  ‪Respect Girls On Internet Cyber Privacy and Awareness Campaign.

It,s not everyday you get to meet your idol.

 Everybody don't get to meet their idols . I was lucky enough to meet and have wonderful conversation with one of the worlds most inspiring and influential  women Ms Leslee Udvin. She is a grate film maker the director of documentary India's daughter. This was one of the best moments in my life.

They say "Never meet your Heroes. they might not be what you expect ". Mine was exactly like i expected maybe even more inspiring .

2015 women of impact

Voices of The Sea Documentary

Voices of the sea documentary discuss Impacts of major development to local communities and how it impacts the way they live. The documentary will address the issue through discussing the impact of Colombo port city project on Modara fishing Village.

Voices of the sea - The Way We Live Project Document 

UFEA Champions League

Unspoken Graphic Novel

Unspoken Graphic Novel PDF

Anastasia is a French  girl who live in Gatineau. One day when she was walking home after her violin lessons. She see a beautiful  scenery beside Alexandra Bridge. While she was enjoying sensory She hear a sound of a flute. She follow the sound. The flute sound leads her to a Japanese boy playing a flute. He is Takeshi from Ottawa. Anastasia smiles at the boy and say that it was a beautiful music piece. Takeshi didn’t understand what Anastasia said. He replies I cant understand what you say. Unfortunately he says it in Japanese. They both try to communicate a few times but neither of them understand each other. Finally Anastasia and turn around to leave. Then the Takeshi starts playing the flute again like he was asking her not to leave. Anastasia stops and look at the boy again. Then she  takes out her violin and start plying. they look at each other and smile and keep on playing until the sunset.


This ballerina in a music box exists In a World where everybody seek for freedom and independence .But She has to be wined to dance.If she had feelings she would also want the same. The music box ballerina represents how society tries to control women and restrict their freedom. And the extents women go to obtain their freedom.

Project Document