Jack On The Bench

Jack On The Bench is a short film against Street harassment .It talks about street harassment in a comedic approach.The style of the video is similar to a Charlie Chaplin silent movie style.

Voices of The Sea - Documentry

Voices of the sea documentary discuss Impacts of major development to local communities and how it impacts the way they live. The documentary will address the issue through discussing the impact of Colombo port city project on Modara fishing Village.

Voices of the sea - The Way We Live Project Document 

දානය - The Giving

Fake Post

Fake post is short film based on a true story. Sandya is  a bright school girl hoping to enter University. Her poor mother, plucks tea to educate Sandya and her three sisters. Kavan, a popular senior boy from her school, falls for her and proposes to start a love affair. Sandaya refuses to accept. Violence Against Girls begin with frustrated Kavan fake posting for cyber harassment of  Sandaya. The fake posts become known in the community and school, bringing down Sandays World.

 Child Soldier (2013)

A boy living in a peaceful village,losses his home and parents, when militants attack his village. The boy wonders around until militants abduct him and train him as a child soldier.He become frustrated after a man get killed by him. His quest for freedom makes him flee to live free again.

EVEN CROWS DON'T LIKE - කපුටොත් කැමති නෑ (2012)


YES ( Film Club produces their first film after training to promote No Smoking in public places in the City. This production training was provided by Shilpa Sayura Foundation, Supported by Adobe Youth Voices Program, Sri Lanka.

King & Dog (2014)

Empty & Dull (2012)


Full Moon (2013)