Friday, 17 June 2016

Featured on BBC “Women making technology work for them”

In pictures: Women making technology work for them

To mark International Women's Day, photographers at Panos Pictures have teamed up with the Internet Society as part of the Shine the Light campaign to document women from 11 countries who are using technology to make things happen for their communities, families and themselves.
Here the women offer an insight into how they use technology to shape their lives.

Poornima Meegammana - Sri Lanka

Animator and film-maker and founder of Respect Girls on the net, which campaigns to protect women and girls from harassment online

"My mom is an ICT teacher and my dad is an IT professional, so I was in touch with technology from the day I was born. I got to know about the world before my peers and how women were making change and it empowered me to go pursue my dreams.

"I want to be a film director to talk about social issues, through film. That's my dream now.
"Next week, I have a shoot about bullying.

The Internet Governance Forum is happening in Sri Lanka, so we thought we'd do a short film at the same time. So it is about how a group of kids bully a girl through WhatsApp. It happens a lot here."a

Internet Governance Forum Sri lanka

Presenting Respect Girls on internet project at Internet Governance Forum Sri lanka. Session 2 safe internet for girls. At bandaranayake convention hall