Sunday, 10 September 2017

Isoc 25 Under 25 Award

Internet Society 5 under 25 award

The Internet Society today announced the awardees of its 25 under 25 program. One of the many initiatives supporting the Internet Society’s 25th Anniversary, the program recognizes 25 young people from around the globe who are passionate about using the Internet to make a positive impact in their communities.

Poornima Meegammana, 24, Sri Lanka

Preventing cyber-harassment of teenage girls 

Poornima founded the Respect Girls on Internet project out of concern for her teenage peers in Sri Lanka, many of whom face online hostility. Her experience is that teenagers typically start using the Internet without any knowledge about cyber safety or privacy. 
Poornima and her team of volunteers worked with partners to make digital content on Internet safety available in local languages to ensure accessibility for all. One of the project’s most significant outputs is a Cyber Privacy e-Handbook, for teenagers new to the Internet, as well as teachers and parents. 
Through her project, Poornima has enabled safer and more respectful Internet use, helped support victims of cyber harassment, and developed a network of youth committed to preventing future harassment. She is solving a problem rooted in the Internet by using the Internet.

Mr. Adam Galloway (United Kingdom) – Protecting online freedom of expression
Mr. Akah Harvey N (Cameroon) – Detecting and predicting road accidents 
Mr. Akshay Makar (India) – Creating sustainable livelihoods with online crafts 
Mr. Alec Foster (United States) – Strengthening student movements through digital activism
Mr. Ash Ball (Australia) – Anti-cyberbullying youth movement
Ms. Asha Abbas (Tanzania) – Providing health education to adolescents 
Mr. Augusto Mathurin (Argentina) – Creating virtual spaces for collaborative participation 
Mr. Biddemu Bazil Mwotta (Uganda) – Connecting local farmers with buyers
Ms. Bidyabati Meher (India) – Digitising a cultural tradition for sustained livelihood 
Ms. Cintia Padilla (Honduras) – Teaching computer skills to local youth
Mr. Diego Cordova (Guatemala) – Enabling access to educational materials
Ms. Farah Abdi (Somalia) – Giving voice to refugee and LGBT issues
Mr. James Beaumont (United Kingdom) – Building online communities of support
Ms. Jazmin Fallas Kerr (Costa Rica) – Lifting families out of poverty 
Ms. Juma Baldeh (Gambia) – Improving gender balance among web users 
Ms. Kate Ekanem (Nigeria) – Empowering girls through education and literacy
Ms. Kate Green (United Kingdom) – Protecting the data of online health communities 
Ms. Linda Patiño (Colombia) – Advancing human rights through ICTs 
Mr. Mariano Gomez (Mexico) – Connecting an isolated community
Ms. Mary Helda Akongo (Uganda) – Using technology to empower Ugandan women 
Mr. Naitik Mehta (India) – Connecting people with disabilities to employment opportunities 
Mr. Nilay Kulkarni (India) – Helping make large gatherings safer 
Ms. Paula Côrte Real (Brazil) – Promoting safe and responsible Internet for youth 
Ms. Poornima Meegammana (Sri Lanka) – Preventing cyber-harassment of teenage girls 
Mr. Valentinos Tzekas (Greece) – Using AI to identify fake news
Honorable Mention Recipients
Ms. Makkiya Jawed (Pakistan) – Raising awareness about e-health solutions 
Mr. Parker Woods (United States) – Delivering Internet connectivity in the Arctic 
Ms. Radwa Hamed Soliman (Egypt) – Providing employment